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Aerial view of the green vineyards and blue lavender fields of Casalvento in the middle of islands of dense woodland and the production center of the company with the large distillery

with the new millennium everything has changed: let’s put into practice those important restructurings that enhance productivity. The vineyards are uprooted and replanted, the olive groves expanded, the crops of aromatic plants reorganized according to advanced technical criteria, we design and build the new distillation systems, we create the new nursery … and all this without ever interrupting the extraction and the sale of distillates.

We enhance our product by registering trademarks and the distillation business on behalf of third parties suffers a sharp reduction because we no longer have the time to support it. In Casalvento, those who know us, in these 10 years have seen a frenetic industrious ferment that has transformed us into a modern and professionally engaged company in various sectors.

The proof? the commercial success of what we do !

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