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A Dynamic Production

Since 1962 we have changed everything; and we did it many times

Casalvento offers retailers, perfumers, cosmetic companies, liqueur producers and GIN distilleries the possibility of satisfying a wide range of requests; if we don’t have a ready solution we will find it together.

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Claims Validation for Cosmetic

The consumers ask manufacturers the guarantees, the efficacy of cosmetics that (by law) can not boast therapeutic activities. Claims state the main qualities of the formulation (moisturizer, anti age, sebum regulator …). These statements can not be traced back to the use of active ingredients, but to the evaluation of the effectiveness of cosmetics in its overall formulation, due to the withdrawal from trade and heavy sanctions.

Veritable Clinical Trials conducted under close medical supervision on an appropriate number of volunteers should be carried out and then statistical results should be interpreted. Only competent and adequately trained personnel can successfully use the technologies required for this validation.

The validation process of the claim ends with a report that is delivered to the producer. Only then the functional value of the cosmetic can be writed on the label and indicated by the body certifying it.

In order to proceed to this specific validation there is a need for a recruitment facility, expensive quantitative analysis technologies (corneometers, sebumeters, pH gauges, ultrasound instruments, colorimeters, photometers for hair analysis …), specific professional competence and a large number of volunteers.

Are you a cosmetic company ?  Request a quote to validate your claim !

Clear glass top with a clean, folded doctor's coat resting on top of the top with a stethoscope; bright white background

Steam Extracts

We have been considered as an Essential Oil Factory capable of producing special natural extracts. Essential oils and aromatic waters are probably the most well-known, but in our laboratories we have perfected the production technology of Hyper Hydro, a particular concentrate of highly effective cosmetic and nutraceutical aromas.

A unique phytophile for its complexity, diversity of plants and production range.

Our products are destined to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies using natural extracts, aromatherapists who want a certified and effective product, shopkeepers who want to offer their customers a product directly acquired by the manufacturer.

Green friendly ?   Client friendly ! 

The production of Essential Oils from theory to practice

Why can essential oils extracted from the same type of plant be very different from each other? there are several explanations for this question: the first cause is the cultivar of the plant being cultivated and the second the terroir understood as the typicality of the soil and the microclimate on which the plant grows. Other factors are decisive: the type of distiller in use and the conduct of the distillation process.

Among the choices of the agricultural producer, some depend on him and others do not: the climate and the typology of the soil are not variables on which control can be exercised, otherwise he can select different varieties of the same kind of plant leaving the trend schemes present in the market.

In general, the structure of the steam distillation plant is defined at the time of its construction, but each of the extraction systems in the large Casalvento distillery is designed to take on different configurations and adapt to different types of processes. The use of sensors and the computerized management of the distillation parameters guarantees the optimal production conduct of our essential oils, hydrolates and Hyper Hydro.

Our theoretical starting point is recognizable in our practical arrival point: molecular thermodynamics.

Scheme of the production of essential oils and Hyper Hydro: on the left a steam generator, in the center the extraction alembic and the vapor condenser, on the right the Florentine separation vase, green shadows and red writing
Yellow pharmaceutical glass bottle of lavender on a light blue background and 2 Cartesian graphs with Dalton's law and the equation of state of perfect gases; symbol of Casalvento and inscription: Lavanda del Chianti property

the water molecule

La più piccola molecola di solvente organico disponibile

Solvent Extracts

Extracting from plants their most secret soul, the best bouquet and the greatest possible richness in active ingredients: this is a new alchemical art. After a correct phase of maceration, the botanicals are separated from the infusion liquid, then we proceed to the concentration of the extract at low temperature. Absolutes and Concretes totally free of hexane, benzene and petroleum ether; in our production center we use non-toxic solvents of varying polarity and power to obtain precious vegetable extracts. Due to their exceptional solubility in alcohol, absolutes can be easily used by liqueur companies and master perfumers to enhance their precious creations with natural notes. Woods, musks, berries, leaves, roots and seeds after this extraction process become special ingredients. Contact our production laboratory for what you want and we will try to satisfy your requests by transforming our or your botanicals. Follow a more in-depth description in the general catalogue.

All absolutes are produced in our laboratories with advanced technologies.

with these ingredients the liqueur industries can develop exclusive and inimitable products and  shopkeepers can offer their customers a product directly acquired by the manufacturer .

Reach your higest  target ! 

Our production of absolutes is very wide and can be personalized according to the customer’s needs. Look at the image gallery; here are just a few: Juniper Wood absolute, Damascus Rose absolute, White Oak Wood absolute, Juniper Berry absolute, Coriander Seed absolute, Helichrysum Flower absolute, Lavender Flower absolute, absolute of Oak Moss, absolute of Hyraceus, absolute of Broom Flowers, absolute of Chestnut Wood, absolute of Peach Wood and many others to be consulted in the downloadable online catalogue.

The perfumer’s dream: Absolute Essences

How does an Essence Absolute differ from an essential oil? The terms Essence absolute and Absolute are synonyms and indicate an extract obtained from a mother tincture from which the solvent has been recovered. The simple term of Essence means the essential oil present in the plant material before it is extracted in a stream of steam. But if the olfactory difference between the essential oil and the botany from which it comes is well known, why does this difference exist? Why doesn’t the essential oil have the exact same smell as the plant? Some chemical-physical theories of the separation of substances explain these differences. In the Casalvento Laboratories we have developed the theory and technology for the production of these special products. Concrete, Hydrolats Ex Absolutes and Absolutes Ex Hydrolats are still different aromatic ingredients and whose production is not within the reach of many laboratories.

Perfumery is deeply linked to liqueurs: taste, sight, smell and texture are a coherent and unique experience in a total sensory approach.

The dream of the perfumer is to give a taste to his perfume, that of the liqueurist is that the perfume accelerates the taste of his liqueur.

Scheme of the solvent distillation process, container of botanicals on the left, two vessels for collecting the distillate on the right, black writing on a white background of the stages of the process
On a blue background and the Casalvento symbol with a laurel wreath and yellow cap, an aluminum bottle of helichrysum absolute and a Cartesian correlation graph, xylene, toluene and benzene distribution curves; written Lavender of Chianti

the molecule of alchool

Graphic representation of the ethyl alcohol molecule: 2 carbon atoms in dark gray, 1 red sphere represents oxygen and the 6 small white spheres are the 6 hydrogen atoms

The Cosmetics

As in the past, we still want successful liquid herald amulets. We know, however that no real Elixir of youth or Aqua Mirabilis were ever produced by the alchemists: they separated the matter, purified the spirit from the phlegm, got fresh water from the sea water and therefore remained immortal in their tenacious dream of success.

Even today, as before, flowers grow on our hill and cosmetics and fragrances are produced. Here in Casalvento, among the ancient walls of Salingolpe, the Etruscans, in the Villanovian age, jealously kepts the sectrets of producing balms and perfumed ointments. The aromatarius ancient Rome shops used to sell the promise of youth enclosed in precious amps to the fascinating women of that period.

Explore our beauty proposal.

Absolute Cosmetics from the Casalvento Laboratories

Functional cosmetic products with a galenic charm with natural ingredients and active ingredients of absolute biological origin, those that our cosmetic production laboratory offers as Absolute Cosmetics. Clinical tests supporting the effectiveness of the cosmetic called ValidQ are available for most of the creams on sale. The Triple Action Hydro Cream, Helichrysum Hand Cream, Lavender Body Cream and Juniper Hydro Cream have specific indications of use for skin blemishes.

Formulated by the pharmacists who work in our company, they are clinically tested in certified medical clinics. A scientific and technical commitment to guarantee our customer.

Organic Essential Oils and Hyper Hydro in Absolute Cosmetics.

Young woman spreading cream on legs wrapped in white sheet and long light brown hair draped over shoulders Open jar of lavender hand cream and gray cosmetic lettering on white background

The Scent

From 1962 We produce high quality raw materials for perfumery. Some are offered online by perfumery specialists others marketed directly by us on-land.

For the purchase of everything that is natural and that we can not produce we turn to selected suppliers: neroli directly from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria, pine from Trentino, clear from Portugal, jasmine from the Philippines, oud from Malaysia and more.

Those who work in this industry know that one can not do without fragrances synthesis for both the allergenic content, the exceptional flexibility and persistence that the new molecules have. Firmenich, Givaudan, Symrise, IFF, Quest, Takasago are just some of the giants who offer to the world of perfume their molecular inventions whitch no one can do without today.

A fragrance that is always safe and contemporary in compliance withe IFRA standard.

What will the future smell like?

The raw materials in use in the third millennium were unthinkable in 1922 when aldehydes made Chanel No. 5 famous. In the following 100 years the use of natural materials decreased but the charm of a natural perfume can never fade and will always be a legend. The skin modifies the expression of each perfume; hydration and the microbiome make the perfume different on each of us. The perfume of the next generation will have to collaborate with the health of the skin and create a symbiosis with its bacteria, enhancing the animal notes of human skin.

Reduction of alcoholic agents and increase of active ingredients to improve the well-being of the dermis and obtain the perfect osmosis between the new molecular inventions, the natural ingredients and the skin.

Skin ready to be perfumed: “peau à parfumer”.

Excursions at Casalvento

Our botanical production express Tuscan farming tradition while the extract activity refers to the Florentine Renaissance when the Medici family protected and financed the alchemists of that era.

The Iris (Iris Pallida) and Lavender (lavandula Angustifolia) cultivation, the Juniperus Communis berries, Lichens (Evernia Prunastri) or Dog Rose rosehips (Corymbifera Laxa) harvest need some special manual techniques handed down over decades. A knowledge we like to preserve and consider the true historical treasure of our Chianti along with the cultivation of Grapewine (Vitis Vinifera) and Olive Tree (Olea Europaea).

In this place we welcome group tours upon booking. Any kind of film and picture shooting for advertising and publicity material is forbidden. No consulting and training, but we propose an experimental journey between stills, molecules and plants.

An engaging group experience will lead you to create a fragrance suited to the olfactory personality of each participant. Bottles, pipettes, extracts and your creative imagination will be the protagonists of this experience in the world of natural perfumery.

Send us a mail for information and booking.

A group visiting Chianti among the lavender of Casalvento on a beautiful and hot summer day; purple writing: experiences

Cosmetic Consulting  &  SPA Treatments

Natural extracts with their active ingredients are our specialty, we have been producing them since 1962.

We are not just manufacturers but we know their functions as doctors and pharmacists. Many of our formulations are aimed at a functional or healthy activity.

We proceed independently by editing the Product Information File and notifying to the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP).

We are able to suggest new Spa paths for SPAs that want to differentiate their offer.

If you are interested in please contact us immediately.

White coat folded and placed on a glass lit from below, stethoscope placed on top and black writing: our cosmetic project, medical support. Green check mark


At the basis of all our production in the distillery we have the cultivation and collection of Aromatic, Medicinal and Perfume Plants from our plants. All crops follow the organic regulations and are periodically certified by the Inspectors of the Control Body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests. The production plants are maintained seasonally and fit perfectly into the Chianti area. Among these botanicals we mention:

  • Juniper – (Juniperus Communis) in berry form in various commercial selections, wood and needles
  • Dog rose – (Rosa Corymbifera Laxa) in the form of rose hips
  • Rose of Damascus – (Rosa Damascena) in the form of buds and petals
  • Broom – (Spartium Junceum) in the form of flowers
  • Oakmoss – (Evernia Prunastri) in the form of lichen
  • Helichrysum – (Helichrysum Italicum) in the form of flowers
  • Lavender – (Lavandula Angustifolia) in the form of flowers
  • Saffron – (Crocus Sativus) in the form of stigmas
  • Hawthorn – (Crategus Monogyna) in the form of flowers
  • Orris – (Iris Pallida) in the form of rhizomes
  • Rosemary – (Rosmarinus Officinalis) in the form of leaves

    …….. and more

Phytophile supplies special industrial needs specializing in the use of high quality botanicals for food processing, liqueurs and the production of botanicals for GIN

 Contact us for more informations.

Herbal Teas in Casalvento

Six herbal mixtures with well-being selected according to taste and perfume. Thymus, Hawthorn, Hyssop, Fennel, Lemon Balm and Dog Rose are the names of these infusions. The 50g packs are a clever blend of gentle flavor and pleasant scent.

Read their ingredients and their beneficial effects.