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Hyper Hydro®  are the new functional products for cosmetics created by our research and development laboratory.

In over 2 years of experimentation we have developed the production technology of this new raw material with remarkable functional efficiency. A product of great interest for cosmeceutics and cosmetics. ValidQ is the brand that identifies this effectiveness.

We have tested the products of our distillery with the same technologies used for the clinical evaluation of cosmetic efficacy.

The  Essential Oils  and  Hydrolates  as well as the technical data sheet, the analysis certificate and the safety data sheet now include the declaration of effectiveness in vivo and can be used by the formulator with greater safety for a guaranteed effectiveness result of their creation.

Evidence Based Medicine  is one of the cornerstones of modern therapy and has become part of our current way of thinking. We believe only in what we can experience.

Aromatherapy treaties often attribute to plants and their extracts the functions recognized both by traditional folk use and by the most recent scientific studies. It is also known that a same plant wich grows in different habitats, subjected to different cultivation treatments or collected in various balsamic moments, produces chemically different extracts. This diversity also depends on the extraction process put into practice and the plant construction scheme.

How is it possible that the same properties can be universally claimed for the same type of Essential Oil (or Hydrolate) ?. No text is able to predict the real activity of a distillation product, but only its generic area of ​​effectiveness; an “around” of action never specific and never the same. In each extract there are hundreds of chemical constituents in variable percentages and with safe reciprocal interference on biological systems even at very low doses. It is impossible to predict its effectiveness a priori, it is necessary to measure it; only in this way the so-called “therapeutic degree” can be appropriately defined and purified from messages created by the specialists of marketing.

Evidence Based Aromatherapy  must be supported by Efficacy Tests performed in vivo and in a certified scientific context.

What horizons for Hydrolat Therapy? How will these new products succeed in modifying the vision and the work of the sector’s oratories? What clinical evidence to support their work? The future will, as always, be full of discoveries and innovations.

Step 1

Casalvento Laboratories

Find out how to define ``quality`` and how to measure the effectiveness of a distillation product. Is it enough to say that it is made with ``rigorous methods`` and that the plants are ``hand harvested`` to be credible ?. How to believe the phrases invented by marketing on the so-called ``therapeutic degree``?. Is it really everything as we are told?

In our Research & Development department all the production know-how took shape: from production to culture systems, from special extraction plants to control sensors, from cosmetic formulation to perfume processing. From June 2018 there is a new reality: a system of evaluation of the effectiveness of raw materials and cosmetic products that makes use of non-invasive quantitative technologies. In the development of these study protocols we have concentrated all medical and pharmaceutical expertise.

all producers are now offered the opportunity to access a platform of scientific tests adhering to the international guidelines useful for maximizing the effectiveness of their product. A service for companies managed with the support of one of the most important cooperatives of doctors operating in Italy and of a well-known Certification Body accredited by the Ministry of Agricolture and Forestry. An activity in line with the requirements of Legality, Truthfulness, Probative Support, Honesty, Correctness and Informed Decisions as dictated by the EU Regulation 655/2013 and with the requirements of the Good Professional Practice that every doctor follows.

Step 2

Validate a Promise

The ``claim`` is the most important promise made by the producer to the consumer. The best brands avoid misleading advertising and the effectiveness tests are a boast to show in all types of advertising. Request a personalized protocol for the clinical validation of your claim. Request a free information and the price list.

 The correct procedure for validating a claim begins with a specific request from the manufacturer.

The brand develops a product and asks that what will be promised on the label be supported with clinical efficacy tests. The commercial project begins with the elaboration of a study protocol that provides for the recruitment and informed consent of healthy subjects. All the procedures, the criteria for the recruitment of volunteers, the types of measurements, the number of tests and the item of statistical analysis are defined. The effectiveness tests are conducted in temperature and humidity environments controlled by suitably trained personnel with quantitative tools. A technical dossier quantitatively defines the effectiveness of the trial product and reports the subjective vests of the volunteers. Each trial complies with the European Commission Guidelines and the Helsinki Protocol.

In vivo efficacy tests are the best tool to demonstrate to the consumer the real effectiveness of the product. For a greater guarantee, a Certification Body controls all the phases of the procedure: from the preparation of the samples for the tests, to the verification of the production phases up to the final labeling of the product.

Step 3

In Vivo Efficacy Test

A pool of 160 doctors with 50 employees and a user that exceeds 230000 people work daily to provide health services. A relationship of mutual trust based on continuous updating and compliance with the rules imposed by the National Health Service. An aggregation of doctors that involves all types of specialized medicine: from pediatrics to ophthalmology, from cardiology to neurology, from dermatology to physiatrics. An ever-expanding group.

Founded in 2000 to meet public health needs, COOP Medici 2000 is still an important point of reference in Italy for other groups of doctors in the provision of health services. Its board of directors, chaired by Dr. Maurizio Pozzi, is made up of doctors and coordinates the activity of fellow doctors and associated specialists throughout the Sienese territory.

It has 10 medical centers in the main population centers of the province and others are currently under construction and design. The basic health, specialist, diagnostic, prevention and monitoring of the main chronic diseases is performed in patients and their families. Through general practitioners, it guarantees the services of the National Health System in the territory of Siena. For over 15 years, he has been developing, coordinating and managing important projects in the epidemiological field, clinical assistance, investigation, diagnostics and research with the Local Health Unit. COOP Medici 2000 is the founder of SANICOOP, the association of Italian medical cooperatives belonging to the Lega Coop Nazionale (about 100 medical cooperatives) and currently Dr. Pozzi is also the national president of SANICOOP.

Efficacy tests are conducted in the clinics of doctors associated with the most modern technologies by properly trained personnel.

Step 4

Effectiveness Certification

Today more than ever, consumers need certainties in their purchasing process; the market crisis has pushed marketing to exaggeration in boasting the efficacy of cosmetics often without real probative support. The Certification of Efficacy Tests is now guaranteed by a third party pool of medical specialists.

Solutions for companies and products with strategies aimed at improving real quality, transparency and informed purchase is the mission of èQ studio, a company specialized in defining technical specifications and owner of brands now known as Vegan Quality, Real Quality and Italian Organic Cosmetic (latest in the field of detergency).

The disciplinary adopted by QCertificazioni srl has been elaborated by èQ Studio and completes an important gap existing in the cosmetic universe: the Certification of Cosmetic Effectiveness. Too often, hyperbolic marketing strategies have attributed functional value to cosmetic products and consumers themselves are increasingly bewildered by these false messages until they are prevented.

The Certification of Efficacy is obtained after the execution of clinical trials of efficacy and is subject to verification and inspection of the production chain. To complete the certification process, the Check Claim logo is issued to be affixed to the package to guarantee the real functionality of the cosmetic tested by the medical team. Check Claim is the first certification of effectiveness to support a conscious and informed purchase.

QCertificazioni has been providing many types of certifications for years: from the organic sector to cleansing, from the vegan to the cosmetic sector.

the Effectiveness

of a Raw Material

Professional users need effective and functional raw materials. For this reason, in the data sheets it is necessary to report the efficacy profile in order to allow the formulator the best choice and use. Find out how we have made it possible to evaluate the cosmetic effectiveness of Essential Oils, Idrolates and recent Hyper Hydro® products developed in our Casalvento laboratories. Request an information contact.
Lorenzo Domini in a lab coat while pouring an extract from a scientific glassware in the laboratory

from the Cosmetic

to the Cosmeceutical

The future of cosmetics will be in the effectiveness of the product and in conscious purchase. The consumer asks and gives confidence, he is loyal to those who offer a certified and effective product. More and more often in all types of advertising appear written as “supported by clinical efficacy tests”. This requires an extra effort for the manufacturer: to turn to a structure suitable for the execution of these tests. Check out Claim Check, ValidQ and the reliability of our team.
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