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Highlights in Casalvento

News from the Company

In recent years we have seen the diversification of the beverage market. Today this sales sector follows two opposing trends: enriching spirits with perfume and enriching soft drinks with taste. Apparently the two markets are different as they are aimed at the same professional users (bartenders) and places of sale (boutique of beverage), so they need the same suppliers: producers of botanicals and producers of extracts such as Casalvento.

All the botanicals necessary to produce fine distillates such as GIN and liqueurs of various types (from bitters to digestives) come from our agricultural surfaces of organic crops and all the extracts we are able to make come from our large distillery: Absolute essences, Hydrolates, Essential Oils and Hyper Hydro. We supply many distilleries with these botanicals and extracts for their every need.

Alcoholic beverages 0.0%?  Digestives and herbal liqueurs?  Spirits with an extreme scent?  Futurist drinks?

There is no commercial conflict as the same brands produce both spirits and 0.0% alcohol drinks.

Casalvento produces perfume extracts and aromatic botanicals and we often say:

< … the perfumer’s dream is to give a taste to his perfume, the liquorist’s dream is that the perfume accelerates the taste of his liqueur … >

From the  Boutique de Parfum  to the  Boutique of Beverage  here too lies the original entrepreneurial ability of “Lavanda del Chianti”, we do not produce liqueurs but commercial solutions for many brands in the perfume and liqueur sector, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The particular frame in which all this takes place is enhanced by our family crest which has been used for years as a commercial brand label. Work of the Sienese painter Vittorio Zani.

Casalvento commercial label

Red and white heraldic shield of the Domini family with rampant lion and 8-pointed star Arma Domini written at the bottom and at the top a helmet with yellow, brown, blue and indigo feathers
Clear glass tumbler with soft drink, cut lemon juniper sprigs and berries on burlap bale background. White lettering: special ingredients non-alcoholic liqueur 0% alcohol
Half full glass of Cognac and 2 cigars resting on a wooden table and background of rough wooden tables, cloud of cigar smoke and the inscription: discover our natural aromas

Our company received a great recognition by Dr. Piero Pii, Mayor of Casole d’Elsa on June 24, 2017 during the second edition of the Flavors of Music in the Bichi Borghesi estate in Scorgiano.
We were awarded a crystal horse on which is engraved “recognition for biodiversity and entrepreneurial ability“. Dr. Giordano Bruno Guerri was the Guest of Honor of the gala evening, awarded for the section “culture“. Other awards for “music“, “art“, “cooking” and “entrepreneurship” were confered. Also the mayors of Siena, Colle di Val D’Elsa and Monteriggioni where there and attended the moderated conference of Dr. Lorenzo Domini in the halls of the estate.
Lavanda del Chianti” has obtained the recognition for its business ability to accomplish the entire production chain: nursery, crops, distillation, cosmetics formulation, teaching and training activities, quality certification and validation of cosmetic claims.
The particular setting in which it has been operating since 1962: Crops of Medicinal Aromatic Plants and Perfume plants are transformed into Essential Oils, Cosmetics and Botany in our laboratories and intended for several business sectors.
In an area such as Chianti, where the the cultivation of grapevines and olive trees dominates, it has become original to find roses and brooms, rosemary and juniper crops, lavender and thyme. Aromatic plants whose scent, on some windy days, starting from this hill goes far and speaks of Casalvento.

Image of the award received by the Casalvento company represented by a transparent crystal horse on a red and black background with reflections on glass and black writing: award for biodiversity and innovation