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Quality Assurance

An endless investment

During our long activities we have selected the best clones of plants and refined the processing techniques, but this was not enough.

We want to offer functional products and guaranteed quality. That is why we believe that when we finish our work, others must complete it.

Symbol of the quality and work commitment of the Casalvento Laboratories in nature is the company logo: a laurel crown with a cap of perfume above it. The shape of a drop to indicate the work of the great distillery

The corporate symbol of Casalvento recalls a perfume bottle and is stylized as a crown of green laurel leaves in the shape of a drop and a yellow brass cap above

Organic Certification

In 1950, the agricultural production structure of Chianti had made very little progress compared to previous periods. Cultivation methods were traditional and Chianina calves were the main driving force for plows that differed little from those used by the Etruscans and the Romans in remote times.

By treasuring that ancient experience, we have never used pesticides and, as chemical analysis have shown, our soil is pollutants free and, as the result, genuine and natural products for this “organic production” for Casalvento was immediately possible.

Sowing, harvesting in the right season, spinning and grafting at the time, fertilizing and fighting weeds are a real art, not just daily effort. It is here that the farmer’s experience makes the difference. Our products, the appeal of a complete control of the production chain, are non-commercial products; an appropriate phrase ?: “from the plants nursery to the bottle !”.

The Control Body

However, we can not self-certify. Inspections and checks are required by authorized European bodies and accredited at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. They issue us with the Certificates of Conformity and Origin to be credible in this area.

Biological Indicators

Even without the use of controls and sophisticated chemical analysis, a quick observation of the environment can exclude the use of pesticides. For example there would not grow poppies (Papaver Rhoeas) and fumar (Fumaria Officinalis) and there would not be mosses (Bryum Argenteum), licheni (Evernia Prunastri and Usnea Barbata) in the forests. Be yourself the quality controllers !

The symbol recognized by the European Union for organic production is represented by a green flag with 12 white stars gathered in the shape of a leaf
The organic certification is expressed with this black writing on a white background: controlled operator 11748, control body authorized by MIPAAF IT BIO 014, agriculture Italy
The quality certification in Casalvento has the symbol of the QCertificazioni control body: a purple arabesque on a white field in the center of the black writing: QC biological certification
Big tree branch in Casalvento covered with a layer of green moss; yellow writing: musk
Two rows of poppies in the middle of a row of Damascus roses growing against the backdrop of the Chianti hills; yellow writing: poppies

PRODUCT and HACCP certification

Safety Data Sheets, Technical Sheets and Certificate of Analysis

Compliance with this standard begins with the appropriate design of the processing premises and the notification to the Ministry of Health. The plants and the production cycle must be suitable for the transformation process, adequately trained and controlled personnel. Exhausted materials and environmental must be subjected to controlled disposal regime as provided by the Ministry of the Environment.

As extractive products contain potentially toxic active substances, distillation can not be freely carried out, but under the responsability of a Technical Responsible that certifies the documentation accompanying the product until its final use. A Master’s Degree is required for the analysis and editing of the sheets.

Casalvento products have the food certification symbol with black circular writing: HACCP compliant and verve check symbol inside two black circles on a white background
Representation of an archive folder with red lines such as Acrobat Reader and black writing on a white field: technical data sheet

CPNP and PIF certification

The European Cosmetics Portal

A notification area where each cosmetic product must be registered before it is placed on the market. A guarantee platform for every consumer where the autorities of European Community are able to test formulations, ingredients and the presence of allergens. Notification takes place throught the Person Responsible or a person in charge. We do this kind of third-party notification as well.

The Product Information File

A specific tehnical dossier for each cosmetic that summarized the toxicological characteristics, composition and stability of a perfume, cream, soap or other. It can be edited only by staff with Master Degree. We do this kind of third-party notification as well.

European Cosmetics Notification Portal (CPNP); red writing on a white field: Cosmetic Product Notification Portal and black writing: Lavanda del Chianti notification service
Document binder with light blue cover and black writing PIF (product information file) and Lavanda del Chianti, red writing on a white background: cosmetic consultants

Certification of CLAIMS

Claims Certification System

The claim is propaganda purpose statement which, in order to be authorized, must actually comply with certain parameters. It is the main promise made to the consumer and can not refer to the properties (thought recognized) of a single ingredient, but to the complexity of the finished product.

A series of clinical trials conducted under medical supervision on a sufficient number of people are needed and followed by the statistical analysis of the results. It works by following international guidelines, with certified machines for purpose used and in a controlled environment.

We are actively involved in the certification process. Are you a company interested in validating the claims of your cosmetics ?  Tell us and you will find a solution !

White plastic jar of Lavender Hand Cream with silver label on the right, silver box on the left with superimposed Cistama certification Claims ! light brown background
White, red and green are the colors of the Italian flag but also of our ValidQ quality brand

Patents Registration

Trade Mark & Royalties

Our business started in 1962 and has an absolutely unique characteristic. We wanted to protect the intellectual property of our products and processes. This allows the consumer to be able to have secure guarantees of origin and quality of purchase.

A warranty for the consumer and our reseller.

Symbol of patented products and with trademark registered with the Patent and Trademark Office; white writing on a blue background: patented and blue writing on a white field: intellectual property with 2 groups of 3 blue stars

A verified Guarantee of Controlled Origin Denomination

Our Tuscan Life Style

Italy, Tuscany, Chianti. Geographical locations of unquestionable historical traditon. Halfway between Siena and Florence, Casalvento hosts the renaissance tradition of alchemy with the ancient medical and cosmetic expertise of the Roman Etruscan period.

A vortex of place and time that interweave with the future.

Colors of the Italian flag: white, red and green with black writing at the top on a white background: Made in Italy
Image of Italy with all its regions, Tuscany highlighted in black; black writing on a white background: 100% done in Tuscany