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Produced in Tuscany  100%  Made in Italy


The contents of the site are owened by the Casalvento Laboratories and are entirely managed by Casalvento.

No type of material (photo, logos, texts, animations, drawings or graphics) can be downloaded, copied, reproduced or published with any analogue or digital means without written consent.

The processing technologies (collection, extraction and manifacture) of which the company is provided are in their sole conceivable form and are partially photographed here in order to protect their intellectual property, use and operation.

The “Lavanda del Chianti”  brand unequivocally identifies our production company with its own history and scientific expertise. The brand extends to cosmetics, natural extracts, dietary supplements, health products, pharmaceuticals and advertising claims.

Use of the trademark by third parties is only permitted following specific business agreements.

All the products on sale that are described in this site are made in Tuscany in order to guarantee the production of Made in Tuscany.

The rights to the content of this site are subject of intellectual property (copyright) and their use governed by Low n°633 of 22 april 1941 (and subsequent amendments) on Copyright.

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