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Aerial image in black and white elaborated with indication of the cultivated areas of the Casalvento farm indicated with yellow, red, blue, green and lilac colors with white writing the power of ideas

the structural reorganization after the crisis has taken our whole family very seriously, both from an economic and cognitive point of view. We have reorganized the old Casalvento farm from the roots, but to do so we needed new ideas and knowledge. To modernize the entire property, 10 years of study and careful planning were necessary, as well as faith in the future and in one’s own convictions.

Agronomic studies have been combined with the planning ones of a modern distillery compliant with production standards; construction of distillation plants according to emerging technologies positioned in completely rebuilt premises; stone clearing and soil preparation to adapt them to new crops; complete overhaul of the production lines and their certification; construction of a modern olfactory and cosmetic laboratory and adequate receptive and educational structures … an enormous work not yet completed in full.

There are projects that we have not yet completed and are not visible on Google maps.

For these you will have to wait a little longer. Follow the updates on this BLOG!

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