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Cover of Elena Caserini's book Blue Passion, the story of a perfume by Akkuaria editions. Story set in Casalvento where the Lavanda del Chianti finds its reality

< Can a perfume change a destiny? A memory is hidden in a cobalt blue bottle, whose fragrance evokes a memory imprisoned for a long time …. >

Elena Caserini born in Codogno (Lo) in 1965 has been writing since the age of 15 and her narrative passion drives her to write short stories and then novels. She loves cinema and is the author of screenplays. Freelance consultant and owner of a personnel administration firm, he has published: Autumn Years; The jump; Awakening; A difficult choice; The wind of forgiveness; Brand of love; Mikael and more that I don’t know at the time of publishing this article.

I read the contents of the novel “Blue Passion – history of a perfume” after buying it out of curiosity directly from the Akkuaria publishing house (ISBN: 9788863281491). With surprise I discovered that the places described are real and a certain correspondence to reality also exists in the story that Elena told with imagination. But this she does not know.

I remember meeting her in a square in Sovicille with a friend of hers. She asked for a brochure and information. She took an interest in Casalvento in a way that at the time gave me no suspicions. After months, his son and his girlfriend came to visit us to gather some more news and see the places.

I tried to contact her to thank her for her generous commitment but could not find her.

I hope she is well.                                                                                                     Lorenzo Domini

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