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Profile picture of Lorenzo and Alessandro Domini who look at each other smiling with a white coat on a light blue background and interrogative writing mission impossible

a theorem that has no beginning and perhaps no end. It is our character, we have it in our DNA, it must be taken as it is, it is unthinkable to stray from the trajectory of one’s life and personality. We like the challenge, the will to make it, we don’t fear the risk of climbing, any peak is a possible peak.

It is not a simplistic approach to difficulties but we find certainties in our study and scientific preparation. We don’t think it can be explained in other words.

We think that everything is possible, maybe difficult but possible. It takes a bit of determination, applied study and not thinking about fear.

Doctors, Chemists and Pharmacists who, in addition to their work, navigate the troubled waters of agricultural production, the tumultuous waters of distillation, the swirling waters of cosmetics or the murky waters of the market.

Got the idea? easy to believe in the impossible!

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