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Image of brown bottles with silver caps of liquid soap with silver boxes on a neutral gray background, a bunch of lavender flowers and two cypress berries

the production expansion sees the planting of laurel, helichrysum cypress, fennel, juniper, broom, iris, hyssop, lavender (9 varieties), lemon balm, pine, dog rose, damascena rose, rosemary, sage, thyme and saffron at a constant pace. The extractions become green to respect the environment and the need for modernization. The most modern production techniques are used. There are 7 machines installed, equipped with different technologies and managed by electronic PLC cores to control each phase of the production process. In the research and development (R&D) laboratory, special sensors and algorithms are developed which make electronics the real vital element of the production system. The analysis laboratory inside the company controls the quality of the production and allows you to autonomously manage the technical and safety data sheets necessary for the subsequent marketing phase. Our extracts are used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

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