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Organic Toning Lavender & Rosemary Body Cream

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The perfect nourishing and refreshing heavenly scent the skin love. Thanks to relaxing and emollient properties of the essential oils of Hybrida Lavender and Rosemary this cream improves tone and elasticity leaving the skin smooth live silk. Ideal for a pleasant and comforting aromatic massage. Lavender body cream combines the anti-cellulitis properties of Rosemary, antiseptics of Lavender and decongestants of Damask Rose, it is good for all skin types and ages expecially those irritated. Use regularly after bath or shower to help nourish, hydrate, and maintain skin elasticity and tone. It gives skin a delicate scent. An alluring fragrance bringing balance and equilibrium to all your senses. There’s hardly a prettier view than one that frames the purple rolling lavender fields