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Black and white image of transparent glass bottles illuminated from the right side, the crisis of the 80s written in white

An ice age is coming…

the sharecropping crisis and the development of the wine market completely changed the production fabric of the small Chianti area. Far more devastating, however, was the earthquake in the world of cosmetics and essences: synthetic chemistry is taking hold and few are looking for a natural product that is now too expensive.

The 1985 frost would do the rest.

Centenary olive trees are cut down because they were killed by a Siberian frost and we are lost in a landscape that is no longer familiar to us.

Even the cypresses seem to no longer want to live here; they become infected with a parasite that consumes them in a slow and inexorable agony; thousands will die.

Giovanni disappears and bequeaths us the commitment to continue along the path he has traced for us.

Only after years we would have understood the power of his ideas.

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